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Film by CHS Grad Scott Hildula

Film by CHS Grad Kicks of Film Festival 

Aug. 16 at Clatskanie Cultural Center

A 30-minute film by Clatskanie native son Scott Hildula will kickoff the Clatskanie Independent Film Festival on Friday, Aug. 16, at 6:15 p.m. at the Clatskanie Cultural Center’s Birkenfeld Theatre, 75 S. Nehalem Street.

Doors will open at 6 p.m. A question and answer session with Hildula will follow the film showing.

Inspired by a series of actual events, ‘North Beach’ is a short film set in the

iconic Italian American neighborhood in San Francisco where tourists eat pasta, and local real estate hustlers and gangsters have plied their trades since the 1800s. In a compact film of 30 minutes, ‘North Beach’ follows the parallel journeys of a young man leaving the backbreaking life of a field worker in 1957 for life in the big city with a similar coming of age journey that his grandson must take 60 years later, set in the present day.

The film is rated for mature audiences because of smoking, profanity and implied violence.

“I used to have an office in North Beach inside a real estate company where every now and then a local made guy would drop by to discuss his holdings with my landlord,” said Hildula, long-time San Francisco resident who graduated from Clatskanie High School in 1981.

“After years of listening to these real estate sharks talking about their latest deals over plates of pasta, Osso Buco and chianti, the dialogue for the movie flowed pretty easily. When we got ready to shoot the film, I realized that I needed a switch blade for one of the pivotal scenes. Well, North Beach is a neighborhood where if you know a guy, then he knows a guy and boom, two phone calls and you’ve got a switch blade. When the knife guy asked ‘What color you want?’ I realized I was plunging into a world that is still very much alive.”

Hildula is an award-winning former journalist who has been making films for more than a decade, work that has taken him all over the U.S. and world for his corporate clients.

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